Arkansas Stem Cell Coalition

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas Stem Cell Coalition is to offer opportunities for stem cell research and to initiate and foster collaborations to advance basic and clinical research using stem cells. The ASCC serves as a community to share ideas, resources, and technologies in stem cell research; establish a forum for developing collaborative and multidisciplinary research teams; increase public awareness of stem cell research; and generate support from the public and from state and federal agencies and institutions to promote stem cell research in Arkansas.

ASCC  Scientific Meetings

Please contact  Dr. Navam Hettiarachchy at if you would like to be on the ASCC email list or have any questions regarding the meetings.

ASCC Annual Conference

The  2016 ASCC Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11, and will be held on the UAMS campus. Please contact Dr. Hettiarachchy if you would like to receive more information about the 2016 conference.